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A year and a half ago, I wrote a Facebook status update that read, “This story has to have a happy ending…” it went on.

“I keep telling myself this as I stare at the throng of people, sitting Indian style, elbows on knees, palms pointing towards the sky. I see in their faces lies, they nod and agree, but I can tell they are wishing it were true, wishing so strongly that they really believe it. Maybe that’s the trick to all of this, to really analyze the human condition, you must understand that most of us are losers.

The thing is, these people may actually be right; if nothing matters then why not believe in something? Why not make happiness the end all be all of everything you do? Why not be selfish? Why not escape? why not play and love? Why not live forever in the now, never looking forward or back?

These people, they may be right, they probably are right. But I just keep thinking, this story has to have a happy ending, and they don’t seem that happy.”

I spent the next six month writing Life in the Festivals, and a year more, rewriting the book. At the time I did not know what this “has to have a happy ending” meant. I had no clue I was writing a book, I didn’t even know why I continued on this adventure. But I kept going, I was looking for some sort of answer, only to find that in the end, the answer was in that first sentence.

I hope you enjoy my adventure, and maybe it will lead to an adventure of your own. Give yourself a happy ending.

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