This story has to have a happy ending…

One year ago, I was at the music festival Lightning in a Bottle. It was only the second festival I had ever attended. I was listening to some hippie say a bunch of hippie shit. I looked over all the people trying to find meaning where there was none, and I wrote…

“This story has to have a happy ending…”

I continued writing and continued exploring. I went from an outsider to an insider. I realized that I was in the middle of one of the most important movements going on in the world. They called it “Transformational Thinking,” and I now had one of  the first real time account of how these people were changing society.

I was in search of some sort of answer; Maybe you could call it happiness? Maybe meaning? But it was always there. The answer was right in front of me from the beginning.

“This story has to have a happy ending…”

It took me the last year of my life to understand it. “This story has to have a happy ending,” YOUR story has to have a happy ending, because you write it, and you owe it to yourself to give it a happy ending. It is a sacred duty to live in action, to fail and succeed, to both try and create. You owe it to everyone who lives, has lived, and everyone who will live. It is disrespectful to everyone human being not have a happy ending.

And it HAS to. Read HAS forcefully. Has is active, not passive,  If you replace “has” with should, or will, or might, or maybe, or whatever. Then you have it all wrong, and you will never have a good life. It HAS to, because you have to give it one. It is up to you. Look in the mirror, and say “This story has to have a happy ending!” Do not fail at that one task you have been given.

You deserve a happy ending, and giving yourself a happy ending is both the hardest and most rewarding thing you will ever do. It is the coward who is the cynic, the one who always finds fault. It is the hero who learns to enjoy the struggle.

This book, in a lot of ways, was the first time I lived by that principle. I wrote this book for no other reason, than I wanted to write this book. I could not fail. Anything past finishing this book, would just be the gravy of life. It has already given to me more than I could have ever expected.

If you would like to read the book, you can find it here. I hope it leads you to have your own adventure, and maybe helps you give yourself a happy ending.

Life in the Festivals:



Author: John-Michael Thomas

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