Chapter Four: The Eits


High above the Navajo Nation, a Denver built Eits flies towards its destination. The Eits were the reason we were free; at least that was what the War Company always told us.


This particular model was “The Ares,” named after the God of War; not Athena, Athena was smart. This Eits was like your buddy who started fights with anyone who looked at you wrong, best friend, worst enemy; the type of crazy you want on your side.


The Ares flew high above us, while the Aegis drones patrolled the streets, protecting the citizens of the Western Conglomerate from themselves; of course, no one called these drones by their proper names – I mean unless you worked at the DDC and didn’t want to get docked a day’s pay for illicit word use, but everyone else, just called them Eits.


Funny, Josiah refers to drones as Eits. I bet he calls the DDC the War Company as well.


This particular Eits reached its destination and began hovering; it’s wings turned vertical so it could settle midair. Hundreds more of its robotic twins soon joined, until they were a sort of net in the sky. Tiny pencil sized flaps began to open on each of their wings, like mini nuclear missile silos, and then tiny little projectiles shot out of these slots.


Total destruction of Phoenix was only about 20 seconds and most of her citizens were looking up into the sky, watching the giant arsenal of shooting stars fall towards them, getting bigger. An uncomfortably large portion of these people hoped that this would be the end, maybe they would die, or maybe they would finally find a reason to live.


Then, each meteor was destroyed. One by one. A thousand puffs of smokes. The Eits had protected us again, protected our freedom, protected our way of life, protected whatever was left of our humanity. The Eits always protected us, from others, from within, from everything.


Did we ever doubt them?


Doubt the Eits?


Of course they protected us; they always did -unless you were packing a gun, but that’s just a technicality.


As the citizens of Phoenix were still trying to make sense of what just happened, more than one began to cry; not out of joy, but out of the continued pain of existence; secretly wishing the Eits had failed.


Lone Saken stared into that sky, watched the missiles as they were destroyed. He continued to watch as one star still remained, he wasn’t the first to notice that star, but he was among the first to figure out what happens when you rely upon the Eits just one time too many.


A single star that was still getting bigger. A single star that was still heading our way. A single star that was like that overachieving sperm that ignored the 0.03% chance on the back of every birth control bottle.
One star that would birth a new society and change everything.




Author: John-Michael Thomas

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